Dartcor Selects R&J Strategic Communications as Agency of Record

R&J Strategic Communications, a full-service integrated marketing and public relations agency, has been named the agency of record for Dartcor, the region’s leading provider of premier corporate dining services. R&J will develop and execute a comprehensive, integrated marketing communications program to promote Dartcor’s mission of reinventing the corporate dining experience and enhance the company’s market position in the New York and Philadelphia markets.

With over 35 years of combined experience in the hospitality, food and beverage, and corporate dining industries, Dartcor’s executive team combines its expertise with the latest technologies to elevate the traditional corporate dining experience and deliver tangible results for clients and their employees. Dartcor serves more than 50,000 employees from privately owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies across the Tri-State metropolitan areas, delivering a wide range of customized services including corporate cafes, office pantries, coffee and juice bars, catering, and virtual food halls.

Dartcor elevates the corporate dining experience through its focus on high-quality, locally sourced, farm-to-table ingredients prepared by expert culinary teams recruited from top-tier restaurants. Whether it is a micro market fit for convenience or a full-service corporate café, Dartcor’s attention to detail provides a one-of-a-kind experience for each of its client’s employees. Leveraging the latest technologies in the restaurant industry including contactless ordering and pickup and point of sale systems, Dartcor provides clients with real-time insights and analysis of their programs’ performance, enabling landlords and employers to achieve the highest possible return on their corporate dining investments. Those returns are realized in the form of increased participation in dining programs, as well as improvements in employee engagement, satisfaction, health, and well-being.

Building on Dartcor’s already strong reputation, R&J will leverage its full suite of public relations, content marketing, and social media capabilities to bolster Dartcor’s brand voice, image, and awareness in its target markets. With deep roots in commercial real estate, consumer products, technology and healthcare, R&J will establish Dartcor as a thought leader in the corporate dining vertical and grow its bottom line as the region begins to plan for the return to work.

“We are grateful and humbled to partner with Dartcor and are excited to leverage our industry experience in the business-to-business landscape to help Dartcor reinvent corporate dining. Our real estate team’s expertise in publicity and digital strategy paired with our deep understanding of the tri-state area’s media market will elevate awareness of Dartcor’s outstanding and innovative services,” said Scott Marioni, President of R&J Strategic Communications. “With the Pandemic behind us, creating a collaborative work environment in which employees feel safe, appreciated and supported in their return to the office is mission critical for companies in every industry. Dartcor understands that providing premier-quality, creative, and healthy food options has a unique ability to bring organizations together, and we are pleased to have an opportunity to showcase their work.”

About Dartcor

Dartcor is the region’s leading provider of premier corporate dining services, delivering world-class hospitality experiences that transform today’s workplaces.

By blending culinary excellence with technology and sustainability to create delectable food options designed to enhance the health and well-being of both people and organizations, Dartcor is redefining the entire corporate dining experience.Inspired by world-class chefs and culinary experts, Dartcor’s highly customized food service programs elevate corporate dining and deliver unique hospitality experiences that help make the return to the workplace exciting, healthy and engaging. Built around an attention to detail, creativity and high-touch customer service, Dartcor’s services are guided by an understanding that food has a unique power to not only nourish individuals but to fuel organizational culture and enhance the bottom line by increasing engagement and promoting employee wellbeing for a healthier, more efficient workplace.


About R&J SC

R&J Strategic Communications is a full service integrated marketing and public relations agency that helps businesses discover, define and articulate their value to a target audience. We provide services to both consumer and business-to-business focused firms in the New Jersey metro area and beyond.

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