Chris Schmieder Receives Make a Difference Award

We’re excited to announce that web developer Chris Schmieder has been selected as the latest recipient of the R&J Make a Difference Award. Originating from the agency’s brand statement, the Make a Difference Award is presented quarterly to an employee who goes above and beyond; making a difference for the agency, its clients and in the community.

Much more than just a “coder”, Chris plays a vital role in creating, maintaining and optimizing the online brand presence of many R&J clients. Chris’s ability to turn code into interactive web pages brings clients’ brands to life online through fully responsive, mobile-optimized web designs. His background as a teacher enables him to effectively communicate the complexities of his work, and the strategies behind it, to clients and colleagues alike. 

In presenting him with the Make a Difference Award, we applaud Chris’s dedication to making a difference in the agency and bringing value to its clients every day. Congratulations to Chris Schmieder, the eleventh recipient of the Make a Difference Award!

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