Profeta Farms Selects R&J Strategic Communications as Marketing Agency of Record

We are pleased to announce that R&J has been named the marketing agency of record for Profeta Farms, LLC a 100% organic farm and market in Hunterdon County, N.J. R&J will develop and execute a comprehensive marketing program across traditional and digital media platforms in support of Profeta Farms’ mission to provide New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents with pure, healthy and delicious tasting organic food that is sustainably grown on their local neighborhood farm.

Located in Readington, N.J., Profeta Farms was started by husband and wife team Paul Profeta and Joanne Malino, along with farmer John Place. Unsatisfied with the current government standards used to award organic certification and disgusted with the contaminants in our food supply, the team set to take matters into their own hands. The result is a 100% organic farm that goes beyond the USDA standards for Certified Organic, delivering the purest, healthiest and most delicious local food. Profeta Farms uses no chemicals or pesticides, and all animals on the farm are all humanely pasture-raised. The farm’s commitment to transparency ensures customers can be confident about their food’s positive impact on their health and the environment.

Sitting on over 1000 acres, Profeta Farms is set to open a 25,000-square foot Farm Market in spring 2018. Food in the market will be almost exclusively grown or raised right on the farm, and will include a selection of fresh-prepared organic foods made almost entirely from the farm’s products. The eventual goal is for the Profeta Farm Market to be the first Farm Market in the country offering exclusively certified organic food all grown on that farm.

In addition to promoting the farm’s “beyond organic,” sustainable and humane farming practices through a thought leadership program, R&J is also responsible for the marketing strategy around the launch of the new farm market. R&J will be supporting the launch with a wide-reaching marketing program encompassing everything from traditional public relations and advertising campaigns, to digital tactics such as social media advertising, search engine marketing and the launch of a newly designed website.

“We are proud to be working with the Profeta Farms team to not only raise the visibility of the farm and launch their new store, but to truly make a difference in our community by changing the way New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents think about their food,” said John Lonsdorf, President of R&J Strategic Communications. “Our expertise in media relations, digital marketing and designing advertising campaigns, coupled with our deep understanding of the New Jersey market and consumer, make us uniquely qualified for this assignment. But far more than that, we share the Profeta Farms’ team passion around the topics of eating healthy and sustainably and responsible farming, and are looking forward to educating the community about these practices.”


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