NJVMA’s Pet Health Insurance Education Initiative

R&J is proud to announce that we have been named by the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) to undertake a strategic educational and advocacy initiative centered on building better understanding of pet health insurance. R&J looks forward to developing and executing an internal awareness and information campaign to build support and acceptance of pet health insurance among veterinarians. The second phase of the campaign will look to engage, educate, and motivate pet owners in New Jersey to secure pet health insurance for their dogs and/or cats.

The NJVMA is dedicated to advancing the practice of pet health care in New Jersey. Studies have shown that pet owners with pet insurance will seek out and utilize increased levels of veterinary services for their pets, ultimately leading to enhanced care, better outcomes and potentially longer lives for their pets. The increased utilization of pet health insurance in the state would allow veterinarians to continue to practice the highest level of care for their patients, and ensure that New Jersey’s pets receive the best treatment possible for prolonged health and wellness.

“With many animal lovers on our staff, we are excited to partner with the NJVMA on this important animal health initiative. Our expertise in message development, internal communication campaigns and media relations, coupled with our experience in the animal wellness and veterinary space, makes us uniquely qualified for this assignment,” said John Lonsdorf, President of R&J Strategic Communications. “The NJVMA is a trusted partner for veterinarians and pet owners alike, and we see this project as a win-win for pet owners and veterinarians, allowing pet owners to obtain the best possible care for their pets.

Since its founding in 1884, the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association has been dedicated to advancing the veterinary profession in New Jersey and advocating on behalf of animal healthcare professionals on a wide variety of issues. The association is a significant information resource, both for its members and for those outside the profession. It is a nexus point for all the issues, factors, and organizations that will have an impact on New Jersey’s veterinarians. To learn more about the NJVMA, visit their website at: www.njvma.org


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