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As you may know, R&J Strategic Communications is a public relations, design and web development agency based in Bridgewater. Over the course of our 30+ year existence, we’ve cultivated mutually‑beneficial relationships with several colleges and universities in the area. Through these relationships, we’ve been able to provide students and recent graduates with a number of opportunities, including paid internships and entry-level positions with the firm. Many of those people have stayed with R&J for years, helping to drive the agency’s evolution and rising through the ranks to become leaders and trusted advisors to our clients.

Like everyone else, we at R&J have been deeply affected by the recent string of tragic events that have laid bare the breadth and depth of racial injustice in our society. Like many others, we have resolved to take whatever actions we can to help address those injustices and bring about meaningful reform. One of the ways in which we’ve pledged to do so is by recruiting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce that is representative of our community as a whole. We’re reaching out today to enlist your help in that effort.

We’d like to continue to provide qualified students in relevant fields of study with opportunities for both personal and professional development where we can. Moving forward, we’d like to make a more concerted effort to do so for students from a variety of backgrounds who may be more likely to be disadvantaged by inequities in our society. Please let your students know that R&J Strategic Communications has pledged to make a demonstrable difference in this critically important effort and that we are seeking applicants from a variety of backgrounds who can bring a variety of experiences and perspectives to bear in contributing to our work.

As a small agency, we unfortunately have a limited number of job and internship openings at any given time. In addition to seeking diverse applicants for those openings, we are eager to assist candidates whose skillsets may not be a match for R&J or for whom we do not have an open position. We are committed to lending our experience and expertise to the next generation of public relations, digital media, design and web development professionals who are navigating the process of starting a career in the industry. We can provide effective resume building tips, practical feedback for tackling interviews and assist with identifying useful job-seeking resources. Our hope is that even if a candidate is not a perfect fit for our agency and our needs, we can use our own experience to help young professionals see a bigger or different picture and reach their full potential.

To provide you and/or potential applicants with additional background on our stance on the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the other initiatives we have underway at R&J to drive tangible change, we encourage you to view our statement. For potential opportunities, please visit our Careers page to learn more:

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