Integrity House Puts a Stop to the Stigma

Robert J. Budsock, CEO and President of Integrity House, was recently featured in the Asbury Park Press. The R&J team secured the placement in both the print and online editions of the paper, where Budsock shared his insight on medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Budsock provided his expert opinion on the stigma surrounding effective treatment methods for individuals living with alcohol and opioid disorders. In the article, he expressed the potential MAT has to eliminate the current drug crisis plaguing New Jersey. The op-ed also discusses the positive effects MAT has had on the state, including the expansion of drug courts, implementing a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, and making life-saving drugs more readily accessible to those in need.

For all the good that these life-saving medications can do for those suffering from substance use disorder in New Jersey, they’re still not being adequately deployed as effective weapons in the ongoing battle against opioids in this state.

The reason that medication-assisted treatment remains substantially underutilized is clear — the stigma.

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