R&J Helps Client Shed Light on Trainings That Save Lives

With more than eight people dying from overdoses in New Jersey each day, the state is on pace to reach a record-breaking number of opioid-related overdose deaths by the end of the year. If not for the introduction of the opioid overdose reversal medication Naloxone (most commonly referred to by the brand name Narcan), that number could be even higher. For those who overdose, the prompt and correct use of Narcan is truly the difference between life and death. Designed to rapidly reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, Narcan is a powerful tool to help stem the deadly scourge of opioid-related overdose deaths confronting our state.

To help combat this deadly epidemic, our client Ammon Labs began hosting a series of Narcan trainings at its headquarters in Linden, NJ in order to equip local communities with the skills and resources to save lives. R&J was tasked with elevating awareness of the availability of the Narcan training programs Ammon Labs hosts. When Ammon Labs partnered with The Overdose Prevention Agency Corporation (TOPAC) to coordinate a training for all City of Linden employees including Linden Mayor Derek Armstead, R&J saw an opportunity to invite media to this event to capture the benefit of Narcan trainings in action.

R&J conducted outreach to local media and secured coverage from WMBC-TV, an independent, full-power commercial TV station licensed to Newton, NJ, which covers the New Jersey-New York metropolitan area. A reporter was on site to observe the training and conduct interviews with Stephen Haupt, Founder and CEO of Ammon Labs and Mayor Derek Armstead. R&J also attended the training in order to coordinate interviews with WMBC-TV and assisted Ammon Labs in capturing original on camera interviews to be leveraged in a variety of ways including on the website and social media platforms.

As New Jersey communities continue to lose loved ones to the deadly disease, it is crucial to elevate awareness and inform the public that anyone can be a lifesaver if equipped with the proper training and the right tools like Narcan. For thousands of residents in NJ, the successful use of Narcan has helped them receive a second life and pursue treatment for their opioid addictions. By employing expert media relations, R&J was able to underscore this mission as well as Ammon Labs’ commitment to the fight against the opioid epidemic, positioning them as a dedicated partner and positive force in the solution to this ongoing public health crisis.

To view the segment, visit: wmbctv.com/nj-linden-naloxone-narcan-training


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