Earned Media: More Than Just Press Releases

At R&J, we take great pride in our execution of integrated communications strategies inspired by the PESO model. No, the PESO model does not involve the currency or conversation rates but instead refers to Paid, Earned, Social and Owned media. Through utilizing core messaging and successfully disseminating it through these four channels we are able to secure market for our clients in their fields of business and reach the audiences that are most important to them. When one thinks of public relations, earned media is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind. Although many think this is just press releases and public statements, there is much more to it than that, especially for our B2B clients.

Although press releases are important, they reflect one aspect of our earned media strategy. We also look for ways to inject our clients into news that they did not necessarily make. For clients of R&J, this reactive aspect allows us to quickly and effectively respond to breaking industry news and secure prime placements for our clients. For our client, NAI James E. Hanson, a Hackensack, NJ-based commercial real estate brokerage, we identified several of their brokers as experts on hot topics in commercial real estate and macroeconomics. Through identifying possible spokespeople before news happens, we are able to pitch our experts as soon as it happens rather than delaying after the fact.

This strategy was put into perfect use when it was recently announced that one of the largest vacant office buildings in New Jersey was sold. Within the commercial real estate industry this news was highly significant but also had direct impacts on the local population. As we had identified one of their brokers as an expert on office leasing and sales some time ago, we were able to pitch the local newspaper, The Courier News, within minutes of the sale being announced. This speed enabled us to secure an interview between the reporter who was covering the story and our client to speak about the impacts of this sale on the state. Although, NAI James E. Hanson was not involved in the deal at all, their broker was featured in the story on the sale and provided an important voice in the day’s biggest news story.

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