Celebrating a Milestone, Real Estate Style

A key part of the R&J public relations strategy is an emphasis on understanding our clients, not just what they do or what businesses they’re in but what makes them unique. We recognize that every brand has a story to tell and that, for some companies, that story evolves over time or as milestones approach.

We knew our client, Denholtz Associates, was approaching their 65th anniversary – no small feat in an industry as competitive and tough as real estate. This milestone would enable us to look back and draft a brand story that spoke to how their past helps them chart a path forward, especially as a new year begins with uncertainty on the horizon.

Our B2B team crafted a pitch surrounding the company’s evolution and worked with leading NJ real estate publication RE-NJ to secure a front-page placement and story featuring interviews with the firm’s top two executives in the publication’s December 2017 issue. This story was also featured on the frontpage of RE-NJ.com and in their daily newsletter. The placement allowed the executives to reflect on their past and how they are approaching the upcoming year. Additionally, the placement’s coverage would have required an investment of at least $25,000 in advertising dollars for similar coverage with ads across digital and print. However, the value extends beyond pure dollar and cents because unlike an ad, we were able to place our clients’ voice front and center in a publication read by top industry leaders every day and generating significant traffic to the Denholtz website based off of a compelling brand story.


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