8 Reasons Why the New R&J Website is Awesome

This title might seem a bit boastful, but in reality, we’re just really proud of it. A lot of time, work, effort and passion went into this site and we are ecstatic with the outcome. Below is a list of reasons why we believe it to be successful and tips that you may find helpful for your own website. We hope you find them useful:

  1. It demonstrates the power of a multi-disciplinary, integrated and collaborative approach
    First and foremost, this website is the result of what happens when people from all of the agency’s disciplines put our heads together and collaborate. From the site structure and organization, to the messaging and copy, to the design aesthetic and the site development, this website showcases our integrated marketing philosophy. Designed and executed fully in-house, our efforts culminate in the labor of love you see before you.
  2. It better represents the new and improved R&J brand
    One of our objectives when creating this new site was to utilize the full scope and spectrum of our branding to provide a more visual experience for the R&J website audience. With this in mind, we designed the site with custom-made graphics for each corresponding blog post, photos to highlight our company culture, and icons and header images for each service and industry page. A new element that appears throughout the site and is key to the updated brand aesthetic is what we like to call our ball of connections. While the messaging within the circle changes, the symbolism remains the same: we make strategic and successful connections that spread across a multitude of areas.
  3. It showcases our suite of services and demonstrates how they are put to work in a variety of industries.
    Because we’ve grown as an agency and expanded our capabilities, we felt it was important to highlight each of these on our new site. By showcasing these areas, we are able to demonstrate our expertise in these fields, showing what we have to offer, playing to our strengths, and demonstrating how we can make a difference for our clients.
  4. It features the award-winning R&J Creative Portfolio and Case Studies
    A new addition to the R&J website, this section exhibits the work that we have produced for clients over the years. From comprehensive public relations and social media campaigns to successful event branding and built-from-scratch websites, we are extremely proud of these projects and, at long last, we are shining a light on them and sharing them with our online audience.
  5. It showcases the new and improved R&J Insights
    We have been working to build a blog program that provides insightful and engaging information about the various industries in which we work, the services that we provide, the clients that we serve, and our company culture. By providing our audience with informative, intelligent material, we are allowing our expertise to shine and enabling the online community to better know us while at the same time relying on us as a resource.
  6. It has multiple ways to access information throughout the site
    One of our goals when designing the structure of this site was to allow the user a myriad of ways to access pages throughout the site. By building a sophisticated taxonomy system on the backend of the website, every portfolio item, case study, blog post, and client are tagged with their corresponding services, industries, and a multitude of other categories. It is for this reason that a person visiting the site can view a healthcare case study, click to inspect the healthcare industry page, and then explore other related healthcare projects and clients. Likewise, the News and Insights posts can be organized based on their overall category (Client News, R&J News, Insights), the date in which they were posted, the author who wrote them, or the various tags assigned to them. Most importantly, virtually every page has a call to action prompting the user to either contact us about a career opportunity or client partnership, or to share a blog post, portfolio item, or job posting.
  7. It is fully responsive
    In this day and age, information is being digested on screens of every size and ratio. It is for this reason that a responsive site is essential; the content must be able to resize depending on the size of the screen on which it’s being viewed for the audience to have an optimal experience on the site. Whether on a tablet, desktop, or mobile device, we have ensured that every view of the website is customized to each individual visitor.
  8. It has a solid foundation of Google Analytics and is optimized for search
    We closely follow what Google looks for in delivering contextually relevant results to users and that helped inform a great deal of how we wrote the code for the new site. We took great care in implementing best practices in search optimization and page speed. The site is optimized for a mobile device in as much as it is for a desktop computer, and the pages load with lightning speed so that Google knows that we care about our users.

We hope you take the time to explore the new site – it was truly a labor of love and we think you’re going to love it. Enjoy!

If you have any questions about this site or if you are interested in building or updating your own, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We would love to work with you.


About John Lonsdorf

John is a recognized leader in the public relations and marketing communications fields and a 2019 inductee into the New Jersey Advertising Hall of Fame. He founded R&J in 1986 and has led the firm through several strategic re-brandings while building the agency into one of the region’s leading strategic communications consultancies. John has authored numerous articles on brand building and the role of public relations and the importance of integrated marketing, and has been a speaker and presenter at national conferences and symposia, in addition to sitting on several industry and not-for-profit boards. John impacts each account at R&J through his laser focus on strategic direction and his drive to provide clients with the maximum returns on their marketing communications investment.

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