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Kickstarter has helped fuel innovation like never before. It’s what has brought bar napkin concepts to reality and given startups the opportunity to launch a business rather than simply dreaming of it. One of these concepts is Pictar from miggo, a unique product that brings a traditional digital camera experience to your iPhone. miggo dedicated a significant amount of R&D to the Pictar project, and to help bring it to life, they planned on leveraging the power of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Understanding the power of media relations, miggo tapped R&J to help develop a comprehensive campaign to ensure the debut of the project would be a success. Due to the volume of crowdfunding projects that never come to fruition, media can be hesitant to cover Kickstarter campaigns. With that reality in mind, R&J knew that actually demonstrating the product in front of media would be absolutely critical.


  • Implemented a media relations program that focused on consumer tech, photography and iPhone media and influencers.
  • Coordinated over a dozen in-person media briefings with some of the world’s leading technology, photo and Apple journalists during which, miggo’s co-founder demonstrated Pictar and provided a thorough overview of key features and functionality.
  • Following the briefings, R&J worked closely with the journalists to develop their stories with the agreement that they would be held until the day the campaign went live.
  • Coinciding with the Kickstart launch, R&J coordinated a comprehensive media blitz, to build awareness of the product and the crowdfunding campaign with tech, photo and Apple journalists and influencers around the world.


  • In just 3 days, Pictar reached its funding goal of $100,000 .
  • The Kickstarter campaign has raised over $318,000, exceeding it’s goal by more than 200%.
  • R&J secured over 300 media placements and over 337 million media impressions including coverage on CNET, Digital Trend, Tom’s Guide, The Verge and Engadget.

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