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Vision Research is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional ultra-high-speed digital cameras used extensively in a wide-range of industries, ranging from explosives testing, laboratory work and automotive crash tests. Most exciting though is the use of the brand’s Phantom cameras for slow motion special effects in digital cinema and live sports broadcasts. Chances are that if you’ve watched any of the country’s recent high-profile sporting events, including the World Series, Olympics or the Super Bowl, you’ve seen what a Vision Research Phantom digital high-speed camera can do. Unfortunately, while the impact the brand has on cinema and live sports is very real, there was little to no awareness that it was Vision Research’s cameras behind the scenes that made it possible.
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  • R&J needed to think beyond traditional tactics and develop a campaign to help the brand achieve wider recognition in the entertainment industry and to ultimately boost sales in this market.
  • R&J shot for the stars… literally. The agency conceived the idea to pursue an Emmy Award, to reinforce Vision Research’s position as a leading innovator in the minds of this industry and, more importantly, its competition.
  • R&J saw winning this highly coveted award as a slam-dunk opportunity to gather widespread media coverage – especially in the television industry where many have seen the results, but didn’t know the source.  This award guaranteed high awareness for Vision Research.
  • To achieve this very lofty goal, R&J began campaigning with the Emmy’s parent organization, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, to put Vision Research on its radar. Curiosity turned into action.
  • A staging of Vision Research’s camera capabilities to the full technical committee showcased the significant advances Vision Research provided the television industry.


  • The result? In 2011 at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Vision Research was officially presented with an Emmy from The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Technical/Engineering Achievement Awards.
  • The Emmy was awarded in the category of “HD Super Slow Motion Systems for Acquisition, Recording, and Playback for Broadcast Entertainment and Sports Productions” in recognition of the invaluable impact of Vision Research’s high-definition, ultra-slow-motion technology on the broadcasting industry.
  • After the successful campaign that helped Vision Research win the Emmy, R&J was able to immediately focus its efforts on the Oscars.
  • The following year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences® presented Vision Research with a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award
  • Since winning an Emmy and Oscar, Vision Research experienced considerable increase in leads and millions of dollars of business in the cine and entertainment markets while further developing and building new partnerships with networks and integrators that use the cameras for live sports replays for television broadcasts.
  • The iconic Emmy and Oscar trophies are now a centerpiece of Vision Research’s accomplishments.

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