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Mortgage Applications Submitted


  • Promote Picatinny’s Home Buying Seminar to members and non-members within Morris County
  • Emphasize that this is a free educational event with no strings attached
  • Showcase Picatinny branding with a subtle Mexican food theme without overtly referencing Cinco de Mayo
  • Educate the audience about home buying in a fun and interesting way


We knew that the best way to appeal to an audience was through their taste buds, so we put the theme and primary motivating factor, delicious Mexican food from a local and well-known tacoria, front and center. And although the food is the element that first catches a person’s attention, the imagery of happy home buyers is shown in the foreground to solidify the intent of the event – to educate attendees about the simplicity and benefits of home buying.

With the playful title “Let’s TACO about Home Buying” in a creative lockup, we were able to immediately establish the tone of the event on all of the promotional materials. In order to further define the aesthetic of the event, we utilized a bright and lively color palette, clean and legible typography, and dynamic compositions to draw people in. We knew that we would be designing this campaign for a variety of materials so we established a design that would be flexible across multiple dimensions in a variety of different layouts, both digitally and in print.

Deliverables for the campaign included:

  • Direct-mail postcards
  • Flyer
  • HTML email
  • Homepage promotional graphic
  • Website landing page with attendee registration
  • Social media graphics


The client viewed this campaign as a huge success. With almost 1100 landing page views, over 90 entries, an 8.3% conversion rate and 3 mortgage applications, Picatinny was able to educate its audience and received tangible results for its efforts. The variety of collateral allowed Picatinny to reach their audience in many different ways so as to promote the event on several platforms. Over 60 people attended the event, and of the 40 who filled out the exit survey, 35 said that they had heard about the event from the marketing collateral provided by R&J.

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