Polaroid Cube Product Launch

Media Impressions


When you’re about to make waves in a market that’s oversaturated and dominated by one brand, success ultimately depends on your go-to-market strategy and how well your brand message resonates with your target consumers. When Polaroid debuted its new lifestyle action camera, the Polaroid Cube™,  at CES 2014, the company turned to R&J to make sure the camera wouldn’t fall by the wayside and simply be dismissed as another “me-too” product. Completely unique, from its form factor to the market it was designed for, and even its price point, the launch of the Polaroid Cube was a defining moment for the Polaroid brand and a test of just how ready the world was for a fresh perspective on the action camera category.


  • Developed a multi-phased product launch campaign designed to build buzz from the announcement at CES in January, to retail availability in October.
  • Launched a comprehensive media relations program tied directly to key calendar dates throughout the product launch cycle, including exposure at events such as CES and CE Week, and international media tours to support the introduction of the Polaroid Cube at the global level.
  • Managed the launch of the camera into new international markets by coordinating press events with in-market PR agencies and respective distributors
  • Capitalized on the “pre-order” announcement for the camera to build buzz and generate significant momentum with a wide range of outlets, including technology, lifestyle and business focused media.
  • Executed an embargoed product reviews program which ensured that the Polaroid Cube would dominate the news cycle with a flood of simultaneous coverage across multiple verticals.
  • Positioned Polaroid CEO, Scott Hardy, as an authority in the space, and highlighted the innovation and the disruptive nature of the Polaroid Cube .


  • R&J helped catapult the Polaroid Cube into the spotlight and secured results that made the launch one of the most successful in the company’s history.
  • Coverage spanned around the world, including influential broadcast outlets such as Fox Business and Bloomberg TV, as well as print and online coverage thanks to USA Today, Yahoo!, NY Times, and Wired
  • Media have organically identified Polaroid as a key player in the exploding Action Camera category and a threat to GoPro’s business.
  • Generated over 310 placements and over 800 million media impressions.

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