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Ridiculous. Confusing. Insane. 

Those are just a few of the words that have been used to describe northern New Jersey’s commercial real estate industry over the past several months. With sky-high pricing, substantial amounts of capital flying around the market, and thousands of professionals trying to get a piece of the pie, northern N.J. can be an intimidating place to be when you are in the market for commercial real estate. 

In such a fast-moving and competitive market, choosing an experienced and knowledgeable broker is often critical in ensuring that a real estate transaction does not turn into a costly mistake. 

When it comes to the northern New Jersey market, there is no commercial real estate services firm more experienced or knowledgeable than Teterboro-based NAI James E. Hanson. Operating in the market since 1955, NAI James E. Hanson’s full-suite of in-house services and experienced team provides its clients with the strategic solutions and insights they need to navigate the challenges of New Jersey’s market. However, for independent firms like NAI James E. Hanson, the same competition that makes it difficult for companies to secure space also makes it tough for brokers to stand out. 

Aiming to strengthen their leadership position in the competitive market, NAI James E. Hanson tapped R&J Strategic Communications, their long-time communications partner, to leverage our communications expertise to showcase the experience, expertise and value they bring to clients.

R&J Strategic Communications recognized there was a tremendous opportunity to leverage video and the power of social media to create an engaging marketing campaign built around the company’s quarterly market reports. The professionally-produced videos would dive into specific submarkets and place the spotlight on NAI James E. Hanson’s deeply experienced team while driving traffic to the NAI James E. Hanson website.


The most glaring challenge facing the R&J Strategic Communications team was how to create engaging video content capable of cutting through the monotonous effects of Zoom fatigue experienced by so many over the last 20+ months. In addition, once the content was produced, R&J Strategic Communications needed to develop a distribution method that would ensure it was seen by NAI James E. Hanson’s target audiences.


While peoples’ attention spans for video content were already short before the pandemic, their patience for lengthy videos has only decreased after nearly two years of exclusive video consumption. Understanding this trend, the R&J Strategic Communications team sought to create short, informative videos breaking down New Jersey’s key industrial submarkets detailed in the NAI James E. Hanson market reports that could be easily shareable on social media. 

Working closely with our video production partner, Lasso, we oversaw the production of six 30-second videos featuring NAI James E. Hanson’s brokers discussing key industrial market topics such as the Route 46/23/3 corridor and the trajectory of Hackensack’s redevelopment. 

The finished videos were shared organically on social media concurrent with the release of the NAI James E. Hanson 3Q 2021 Northern Central New Jersey Industrial Report at the end of September. Each video was linked to the report to encourage viewers to access the full market reports for more data and insights on the regional market and further showcase NAI James E. Hanson’s depth of experience. 

To amplify NAI Hanson’s expertise and reach R&J also executed a paid social campaign on both Facebook and Linkedin to promote the videos to highly targeted audiences to engage decision-makers. 


Industrial Markets

Industrial Leasing Markets


Route 46/23/3

Exit 8A

Industrial Markets

All the organic videos resulted in a total of:

 Generated 221 impressions, reached 191 people and received an 18.8% engagement rate

Generated 3536 impressions and received a 6.51% engagement rate

Generated 385 impressions, reached 344 people and received a 20.7% engagement rate

Launching at the same time as the organic social posts, the paid social campaign generated a total of over 103,000 impressions, reached nearly 43,000 people and resulted in 686 link clicks to the NAI James E. Hanson market reports page. Targeted exclusively to people who were not already followers of the NAI James E. Hanson’s social pages, these sponsored posts helped amplify our client’s reach to new audiences.

Through our ability to not only create engaging content but identify how to get it in front of NAI James E. Hanson’s target audiences, we helped our client and its team of highly experienced brokers stand out in a crowded market and further demonstrate their expertise as one of northern New Jersey’s most trusted commercial real estate services firms.

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