Harnessing the Untapped Potential for LinkedIn in Commercial Real Estate

LinkedIn’s not just for networking. Learn how to leverage LinkedIn for commercial real estate.

Odds are, the majority of your organization is familiar with LinkedIn and may even see the value in its networking capabilities. At the very least, most individuals have created a LinkedIn profile, connected with some colleagues and then called it a day. But what if you could harness the untapped potential of LinkedIn to generate leads, attract prospective clients, and bolster your organization’s reputation? These claims may sound too good to be true and you’re probably wondering how a social platform can accomplish these not-so-small feats.

Unlike most social networks, LinkedIn is the social network of choice for Fortune-500 decision-makers and executives, individuals you’d definitely like to leave a lasting impact on. Some of the most influential people are on LinkedIn, including prospective investors, buyers and tenants. According to a 2017 study conducted by Hubspot of over 5,000 businesses, traffic from LinkedIn generated a lead conversion rate that was almost three times higher than Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn also boasts high click-through rates and high-quality leads when compared with other social networks.

While you won’t see major results happen overnight, some key changes to the way your firm and its thought leaders utilize the platform can take your LinkedIn strategy to the next level, helping you reap some of the benefits listed above.

  1. Tailor content to your target audience
    This may seem like a no-brainer but one of the most important tactics of a successful LinkedIn strategy is ensuring you’re posting content that your followers value. If your LinkedIn audience is largely made up of executives and other influential members of the commercial real estate community, these individuals are likely not interested in frequent posts about open houses/broker events. Your followers will respond better if you use your platform to share industry news and amplify thought leadership content from company leaders, such as media interviews or original blog posts.
  2. Extend your reach
    While it’s beneficial to post engaging content at a regular cadence on your company’s profile, there’s a larger opportunity not many people take advantage of when it comes to leveraging LinkedIn’s value. Once you share quality content, encourage employees to like and share the post along with their own commentary. Having as many employees as possible share your posts across their own profiles in a short span of time could cause your content to “trend” while also getting it in front of a larger audience. Tapping into the combined LinkedIn networks of each employee is an easy way to amplify the reach of your messages.
  3. Give followers a full picture
    Ensuring your organization and its employees exhibit a strong, credible social presence starts with having a complete LinkedIn profile. Each profile should include a professional photo, a summary of your experience and relevant accomplishments as well as credentials, licenses and certifications. Your company page and all employee pages should be cohesive and professional, including the company logo and a branded background.

Your followers have the potential to be some of your biggest assets, so don’t waste any more time implementing a mediocre strategy. Consider utilizing some of these tactics to improve your LinkedIn game and truly harness the power of a unique business network while positioning yourself as a market leader and generating leads in the process.


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