Selecting a PR Agency: The Best One is Often the One Next Door

When people ask me what I enjoy most about my job, it’s tough to choose just one thing. But when it comes down to it, the best way I can describe what I love most is finding homes for stories. Every brand has their own unique collection of stories that public relations practitioners help identify and communicate. We work within a variety of industries with the goal of getting the right stories in front of the right people.

Selecting a public relations agency is a lot like selecting a real estate agency. Real estate agents have a thorough understanding of the communities they work in and are experts in matching their clients with homes that are a perfect fit for them.  Real estate agents offer expertise in the markets they work in and counsel their clients when it’s time to make important decisions. Real estate agents conduct research and constantly keep a pulse on what is going on in the community, all in an effort to secure the perfect homes for their clients. Public relations professionals are a lot like real estate agents, working continuously to find homes for brand stories that are a perfect match.

We have a vested interest in our community.

We have a personal stake in the community we are looking to reach. In addition to being public relations practitioners, digital strategists and creative designers, we are parents, friends and neighbors that work and live in the communities we serve. This is precisely what sets us apart. Local agencies have the capabilities of large global agencies with the incomparable knowledge that comes with being part of the community.

We build relationships, even when we aren’t at work.

Being the small and densely populated state that New Jersey is, it’s hard to go to an event or take a trip to the food store and not meet someone new. As public relations practitioners, meeting new people, listening to what they have to say and building strong and genuine relationships is a big part of what we do. Living in the communities we serve, we have the unique ability to continuously observe the behaviors of our neighbors and draw connections. Knowing a lot of people has never been a bad thing, especially in public relations.

We are always doing our research.

In addition to telling local stories, we are always looking for them. We are consumers of news in our state and surrounding cities, including New York City and Philadelphia. We know where to go to find news and get the scoop on the latest going on in the state. As residents, we have a unique understanding of local trends and the New Jersey media market, giving us an advantage when navigating this competitive media landscape.

We get inspired by what is around us.

Living in the Garden State, we are completely submerged in all things New Jersey all the time. Additionally, our diverse client base offers us unique perspectives on current issues. The collaborative environment in which we work ignites opportunities for approaching different topics in unique ways, keeping our pitches and ideas fresh and helping us stay on top of news.

We are writing about what we know.

We carefully craft and communicate messages we know will resonate with New Jersey residents. As an agency, we also have the ability to ensure that these messages are cohesive in print, digital and social media channels.

Our capabilities and experience are wide in scope.

We take pride in serving clients based in New Jersey, but we also enjoy working with organizations that function in industries on a national and even global level. Our offerings and skills can be translated to any industry and any target audience. We are experts at research and developing strategies that will have a tangible impact; and we have been doing so for years.

Making a difference for our clients and the communities we serve is something we value as an agency, and finding the right homes for brand stories plays a large role in this. Identifying brand stories, collecting sources to help enhance them and doing our research is what we do to craft pitches that are intriguing and ultimately get the stories placed. When it comes to finding homes for your brand’s stories, our local roots and our desire to make a true difference for our clients is what makes us unique. Finding the right homes for our clients’ brand stories is an exciting part of public relations that has a very real impact for the organizations we serve, and it’s certainly what I enjoy most.

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