Web Developer

Always looking to grow our team, we’re looking for talented, full time, in-house web developers who are as motivated and passionate about web development as we are; someone who believes code is poetry, with an intrinsic beauty all its own; someone who believes that the guts of a website should be just as beautiful as the user interface. We want someone who’s comfortable working as part of a team, sharing ideas and also taking the initiative to take lead on new innovations and projects. We’re not looking for a rockstar or showboater; just a committed, hardworking coder who wants to join a great team and work in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. This position can eventually grow into a lead developer position, for the right person. The right person has the opportunity to define how we build and maintain digital properties for our clients and set the standards early on as our team grows.


The right person for this role is the kind of person who understands The Matrix and “sees in code.” He or she will be able to approach design challenges on the web from a “can do” stand point and be able to creatively find solutions for client’s business and marketing objectives.They are looking to learn, push envelopes and are critical thinkers and great time managers.

Core responsibilities include:

  • Working with our team on understanding a client’s needs for their website
  • Working with clients to create website design mockups based on their ideas, samples, likes/dislikes, etc
  • Converting PSD website mockups to functional, custom themes in WordPress
  • Troubleshooting design issues with CSS, website layouts, graphics, etc, including cross-browser compatibility and responsive design
  • Various design tasks involved in the web development life cycle from start to finish
  • Day to day maintenance of existing websites and features
  • Client communications

At minimum, you must know/be able to:

  • Advanced level competency with CSS & HTML (Sass, HTML5/CSS3 a big plus, as well as responsive design techniques)
  • Experience troubleshooting browser compatibilities.
  • Know how to turn a Photoshop file into live, semantic HTML
  • Advanced knowledge of WordPress and know how to create a custom theme
  • Know how to write unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Have a basic working knowledge of PHP
  • Not be afraid of using the command line once in a while
  • Understand web servers, both shared and fully hosted LAMP stacks
  • Understand SEO best practices
  • Stay up to date on current web trends, technologies and best practices

Extra Credit (we’ll love you if you know/use any of these, but won’t hold it against you if you don’t):

  • Joomla!
  • Haml and Sass
  • Compass meta-framework
  • Ruby programming language and frameworks (Rails, Sinatra, etc.)
  • Shell scripting
  • POSIX server administration (Unix, Linux, Mac OS X)
  • Git revision control system

Show us your work:

We’re interested in seeing the work you’ve done and the code you’ve written. We don’t care if it’s client work or not. If you sufficiently impress us, we’ll invite you to work with us and crank out some beautiful code for some awesome clients.

This is a permanent position beginning as soon as we find the right person. This position reports to the VP, Creative and Digital Services and is on-site in Bridgewater, NJ.

Send a resume with a letter of intent with your skill set and some samples of your work and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Resumes without work samples will not be reviewed.

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