Account Executive

The ideal candidate will have:

  • A minimum of two years of public relations experience.
  • The ability to build and nurture relationships with target media and analysts.
  • Experience developing and pitching story ideas to media contacts.
  • Strong aptitude for writing press releases, product announcements and award submissions.
  • The ability to handle the logistics of media interviews and press tours.
  • Excellent client relations skills and service ethic.
  • Sound PR instincts.
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple deadlines on multiple projects.


An Account Executive (AE) splits time between strategic development and tactical execution, typically within a specific account group of R&J. An AE has significant responsibility for tactical execution on larger accounts, and may be the primary client contact on small/mid-sized accounts. The AE is responsible for partnering with the account group’s Account Supervisor or Senior Account Executive and junior staff in:

  • Developing and executing effective strategies based on client objectives
  • Executing tactical account responsibilities as assigned by senior personnel in a timely, professional and thorough fashion
  • Leading day-to-day activities for certain clients and accounts
  • Delegating to and managing the activities of Account Coordinators, interns and support staff
  • Reporting on account team activities and successes to senior management and clients as necessary

The AE is a strong tactical executioner – significantly involved in his/her accounts’ activities on the front lines of media relations, messaging and materials development and client services. AEs understand their clients’ “big picture” needs, and are active contributors to the development and execution of programs and initiatives designed to meet and exceed those needs.

The AE is focused on achieving meaningful and measurable results for clients and polishing his/her skills in the areas of:

  • Client service
  • Account retention and expansion
  • Development of actionable PR strategies and plans
  • Success with a wide range of PR techniques as key indicators of his/her readiness to advance to the Senior Account Executive level.

Client Service

  • Know, understand and execute R&J’s Client Service Standards.
  • A significant drive to proactively accomplish meaningful and measurable results for clients.
  • Understand the value of results achieved on behalf of clients and articulate that value to senior management and clients in an appropriate context
  • Demonstrate media relations success, including phone, in-person, e-mail and social media outreach, with a continual track record of generating results within each, and recognizing client needs in this area
  • Focus on strategic long-term R&J and client needs as well as immediate client needs;
  • Make significant and meaningful contributions to development of client PR plans
  • Manage and coordinate aspects of targeted accounts, projects or events
  • Recognize problems and/or challenges with the potential to damage client relationships or affect the outcome of projects, resolve problems and/or alert a supervisor as appropriate
  • Think broadly and thoughtfully about client programs beyond a particular task
  • Analyze client goals strategically and determine how best to get there
  • Demonstrate strong writing and editing skills for client materials
  • Demonstrate ability to work with top-tier media contacts and craft/drive outreach plans
  • Handle client needs one-on-one (examples: lead client calls and quickly develop professional relationships)
  • Develop base strategies and tactics to meet client goals on clients which he/she leads day-to-day
  • Evaluate client online community engagement, identify new online opportunities for clients and recommend next steps
  • Forge relationships with third-party vendors and internal business partners
  • Understand R&J’s various consulting services /processes, including audience engagement, message development, brand development, social media campaigns, crisis management, and stakeholder identification

People Engagement

  • Assume responsibility for continuous learning through mentoring and other training
  • Effectively manage, coach and supervise Account Coordinators, interns and support personnel
  • Effectively ensure that the quality and consistency of client work meets R&J’s Client Service Standards
  • Provide ongoing constructive feedback to junior staff
  • Set and pursue stretch goals for yourself and your team
  • Clearly and effectively report on progress toward achieving those goals
  • Demonstrate positive and enthusiastic approach to career development and commitment to identifying best practices and recommending solutions

Business Development

  • Demonstrate ability to execute client work well to ensure client satisfaction or a project’s expansion
  • Develop online community engagement recommendations and demonstrate for account teams and clients how it integrates into communications programs
  • Participate in relevant professional organizations and networking activities to grow R&J’s brand recognition as well as your own reputation and possibly new business leads

Financial Planning & Management

  • Know and generally adhere to time allocations on each account; provide guidance to junior staff in helping them to adhere to time allocations.
  • Create and effectively manage client budget/time requirements and take responsibility for all budget issues, on accounts where he/she is the lead
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the agency’s profitability


  • Demonstrate behaviors consistent with R&J’s values
  • Delegate effectively, set clear expectations and deadlines, and provide resources for success
  • Ensure that all work performed by members of the account group adhere to R&J’s standards of service
  • Motivate teammates at and below your level by demonstrating a commitment to quality
  • Demonstrate loyalties to R&J policies and lead by example

Agency Capabilities & Development

  • Demonstrates positive and enthusiastic approach to career training and development
  • Delivers constructive feedback and supports organizational change efforts
  • Demonstrates loyalties to R&J policies and leads by example
  • Develops understanding of R&J’s various consulting skills/processes, including audience engagement, message development, brand development, social media campaigns, crisis management, and stakeholder identification
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