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Traditionally brand communications have been broadcasted, your brand would share its message with media outlets and through print, television and radio advertising, to reach your desired audience. But the iInternet, and more specifically social media, has revolutionized this process. Now your customers all have their own platforms, which they can use to amplify your message, or even to define your reputation.

And because online review sites, and online recommendations are becoming an important, and trusted, factor when consumers decide with which brands they would like to engage, your organizationā€™s online reputation has become a critical component of your brandā€™s health.

To help understand how your customers see you, and to help define and defend your online reputation, R&J has developed a comprehensive brand health program. Utilizing these tools, R&J can help you to improve negative sentiment, and turn critics into advocates who can help amplify your own messaging strategy.

R&J Strategic Communicationsā€™ brand health process includes any of the following:

  • Full brand audits, including website, social channels, outbound communications, internal communications
  • Crisis planning and training
  • Social listening to gauge audience sentiment and the competitive landscape
  • Customer service on social media
  • Community management
  • True Grade reputation management

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