Why Messaging is Important

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By Tiffany Miller, Account Director, R&J Public Relations

I’ve worked with a diverse group of companies and brands over the years, and through that time I’ve noticed that most, if not all, have the same problem — trouble articulating their brand identity in a clear and concise manner. How a brand / company positions themselves in the marketplace all starts with their messaging. Strong PR programs weave this core messaging that serves as the foundation through all communication platforms including traditional, digital and social to ensure a unified brand identity is delivered and digested by their key target audiences and influencers.

Developing a clear and concise messaging platform that resonates with key targets is essential to a successful PR campaign and to framing your company / brand’s identity in the marketplace. While most clients I work with can tell you about their company, many struggle to verbally package it in a way that makes it easily understandable yet still powerful. Additionally each person in the company tends to describe the company and its key selling points in different ways, which can often create confusion in the marketplace about your brand.

Messaging should be developed with the target audiences you want to reach in mind and should be reviewed from time to time to address any new developments that might positively or negatively affect your brand’s leadership position.

If you’re struggling to define and articulate your brand’s identity, know you’re not alone.  But also know that it’s the foundation for building success.  If you’re not sure how to get started on developing your messaging platform and how to leverage it thereafter drop me a line at tmiller@randjpr.com and let’s talk.

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