Why Integrate your Marketing Efforts?

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By Melissa Hoistion, Senior Account Supervisor, R&J Public Relations

Life doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and neither should your marketing strategy.  The most effective way to tell a brand’s story is to develop one consistent message, and to disseminate it using one voice across multiple platforms, leveraging each channel’s strengths to make it easier for fans, friends, and ultimately customers to understand.

Melissa- Content Marketing Chart

This is especially true as it relates to public relations and social media.  At R&J, we have found that an integrated, streamlined and cohesive approach to social media yields better results for our clients and creates economies of scale in the process.

Why should a brand utilize a PR agency like R&J Public Relations for Integrated Marketing campaigns?

  • As a PR agency, we are already developing the core messaging and PR strategy, and acting as brand stewards.  We know the brand and the products intimately, as a result of our driving the PR strategy.  Adding on a content marketing strategy and social media to the activities we are already performing is not only smart, but it can create an economy of scale.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel.
  • We know our target demographics and with our in-depth understanding of the current social media platforms, are able to tailor that cohesive message to appeal to the right target demographic on social media.  After all, that content marketing strategy isn’t going to do any good if you aren’t targeting the right demographic.
  • Media will often reach out to a brand via social media with questions, or to solicit a product review.  In today’s digital age, a brand is always plugged in.  We know how to best field these inquiries and can turn them around faster, since we are already doing it on a regular basis.
  • Lastly, one of the key elements a brand needs to think of online is reputation management.  If there is suddenly a huge influx of negative product reviews or a spike in social media complaints, we can quickly and effectively triage those and take proactive reparative steps. 

At R&J we have our fair share of integrated marketing “success stories.” One of my favorite examples is the work we did for Promark Brands, a company that provides professional lighting products for professional and serious amateur photographers.

Melissa-Promark FB

To build engagement with Promark’s various lighting and photo support brands, we developed and implemented a social media contest around National Photography Month in May, where we asked our fans to post one photograph a day relating to a particular theme.  By partnering with key influencers in photography, including top tier media and photographers, we were able to increase the contest’s reach exponentially. The contest was extremely well received and generated a 40% increase in “likes” and increased fan interaction on the page by 231%.

If all if this sounds great and you are ready to move forward, you are probably wondering what services does R&J Public Relations offer in addition to our full suite of traditional PR tools.  I’m glad you asked!

R&J has rolled out several enhanced digital capabilities that we are already using to improve the marketing position of our clients, including search engine optimization (SEO) services, social media services, content creation services and PPC services.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will explore each of these services in more detail and give some relevant examples for you to take a look at.  In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions around integrated marketing.  

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