What We Can Learn From the Class of 2012

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By Tiffany Miller, Account Supervisor.
Forbes contributing writer, Mike Myatt, provides excellent advice in his article, 10 Tips for the Graduating Class of 2012. This is a must-read for anyone getting ready to don their cap and gown in the next few weeks, but it’s also a nice refresher for those of us who have been in the workforce for some time now. His tips, such as #6, Be Serious About What You Do, But Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously, and #8, that Learning Doesn’t Stop When You Graduate, are notions that everyone can apply no matter what their job entails or what title they hold.


So whether you’re packing up your dorm room and just starting your job search, or sitting in your cubicle or corner office, Mike’s advice is worth a read and shines some rays of much needed positivity on today’s job market.


Did Mike forget anything?  Share your tips here.

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