The Power of Mom Blogs

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By Dan Capawana, Media Relations Intern, R&J Public Relations

Much has been written about “mom bloggers” and their influence.  A mom blogger is considered someone who has at least one child in her home, and manages her own website or frequently contributes to other blogs.  Mom blogs originated as a way for new mothers to speak with other moms about children, parenting and related issues, but has grown into a phenomenon, and has become lucrative for those with the largest power and reach.

Here are some tips for public relations professionals to keep in mind when reaching out to mom bloggers:

  • They are bigger influencers than you realize. The level of influence mom bloggers have on social consumers has increased dramatically.  Typical consumers are more likely to trust a product review from a blogger than an advertisement.  Mom bloggers are considered more genuine, and make great representatives for your clients.
  • Don’t pitch them just anything.  A common misconception of mom bloggers is that they only write so they can get free products.  This however, isn’t true; these bloggers have busy lives of their own raising kids, managing a household, and often working full time jobs of their own.  It is essential to reach out to them with products and messages that are appropriate and appealing, and to approach them in the right way.  If you just send them the same blast you sent to several other hundred blogs, you are wasting both your time and theirs.  And always make sure you address them by their name, not “Dear Mommyblogger.”
  • Building a relationship with them is vital.    After your initial pitch, build a relationship with the blogger.  Mom bloggers are much more likely to respond to a pitch from someone they have corresponded and worked with before than a complete stranger.  Use this to your benefit, and maintain these relationships.  Once this partnership is established, these bloggers will be speaking directly to your target audience.  Your audience will find it far more convincing coming from them than from you.
  • They can greatly influence your social media.  Mom blogs help drive traffic to your social media platforms, and you can help drive traffic to theirs.  You can tag them, they can tag you and everybody wins.  They will even create multiple links to your own sites if you ask them nicely.  Blogs also allow for contribution, collaboration and communication with their readers through giveaways.  A blogger can do a giveaway featuring your client’s products, and all participants have to “like” your page or comment why they want the product-which can mean a couple hundred more eyes on your brand.

So the next time you’re thinking about doing some blogger outreach, consider these few hints and your engagement will be worthwhile.  Getting your products and messages across to your target audience through mom bloggers will help share, distribute, and intensify your content.

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