R&J takes SkyMall social media to new heights

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R&J Digital Services revived the social media for in-flight catalog SkyMall and worked to create buzz around the beloved brand’s emergence from bankruptcy.  As part of the social media strategy, the R&J team (as SkyMall) directly engaged with a community of social users who were very vocally lamenting SkyMall’s demise.  Additionally, we took advantage of relevant social media chatter to promote SkyMall’s updated product line-up and brand positioning.  Our social media strategy has ‘taken flight’ as a reporter from The Atlantic wrote a story about how social media has played an integral part in the brand’s resurrection and ability to reconnect with consumers.  This story created a whirlwind and has led to more traditional media posting about the return of SkyMall.  Take a look at the stories below.


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Time Money




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