R&J Public Relations Named Agency of Record for Jersey Artisan Distilling

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Jersey Artisan Distilling, the first distillery to open in the state of New Jersey since prohibition, has selected R&J Public Relations LLC, of Bridgewater, N.J., as its public relations agency of record.  R&J will focus on enhancing Jersey Artisan Distilling’s brand identity and awareness across multiple platforms, providing communications strategies for their evolving list of premium liquors, and supporting the distillery’s marketing and communications initiatives in their target markets.

Jersey Artisan Distilling is the first distillery to open in New Jersey since before the Prohibition era.  Located in Fairfield, New Jersey, the distillery is focusing its primary efforts on making premium spirits in the classic style, utilizing modernized versions of techniques that have made spirits desirable for thousands of years.  The initial focus of Jersey Artisan Distillery is on producing its Busted Barrel® rum, a premium rum made from the finest molasses from Louisiana.  The initial run of Busted Barrel is currently being aged in traditional oak barrels, and will be available to the public beginning in May 2013.  Plans are also underway to begin producing premium lines of vodka, gin, bourbon and whiskey.

“Jersey Artisan Distilling recognizes the importance of establishing and nurturing a unique and reputable brand identity when entering an already-established market,” said John Lonsdorf, President of R&J Public Relations.  “R&J’s vast knowledge and experience in creating and raising brand awareness, brand recognition and overall brand elevation makes us ideally suited to help support the introduction and growth of Jersey Artisan Distilling.  We are delighted to help establish a quality brand position for a company that’s essentially making history in the state of New Jersey.”

About Jersey Artisan Distilling

Jersey Artisan Distilling is the first distillery to open in the state of New Jersey since before Prohibition.  Located in Fairfield, New Jersey the distillery focuses on making premium liquors including vodka, gin, bourbon and whiskey, with rum being the initial and primary concentration.  Jersey Artisan Distillery uses traditional distilling techniques going back to the early days of alcohol production during the colonial period in New Jersey.  Look for their Busted Barrel rum to hit shelves in May 2013 with additional offerings to come.

For more on Jersey Artisan Distilling visit www.jerseyartisandistilling.com or visit them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JerseyArtisanDistilling.

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