R&J Client Integrity House Honored with Visit from NJ Governor Chris Christie

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L-R: Integrity House CEO, Robert Budsock; Director of the Women's Program, Helena Muhammad; New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie; and Former New Jersey Governor, Jim McGreevey.

R&J organized top-tier media coverage for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s tour of the Integrity House Program at the Hudson County Correctional Center. At the invitation of Hudson County Director of Corrections, Oscar Aviles, and Former New Jersey Governor, Jim McGreevey, Governor Christie experienced the program first-hand, witnessing how it is changing the lives of participating inmates. The program focuses on substance abuse treatment of female inmates in a therapeutic community environment prior to their release. The program has significantly reduced recidivism rates, and as a result of its success, is one of only two jail programs in the country to have been reauthorized for funding by the United States Department of Justice through 2015. R&J is proud to provide public relations support for Integrity House.

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