Polaroid Appears on The View’s Brand New Segment “The Latest Stuff”

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When the producers at The View told us they were launching a new segment called “The Latest Stuff” hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, we instantly knew we had a big hit on our hands.  We sent Whoopi a sample of the Polaroid Z2300 instant print digital camera and landed a spot for the product on one of the first installments of “The Latest Stuff”.  Prior to the taping, we went backstage to give the hosts a hands-on preview of the camera and ended up taking a bunch of classic, candid Polaroids that were used on the show as well.   The segment was a huge success, and really drove home the point that “The Latest Stuff” from Polaroid is every bit as relevant and fun in the digital age as the classic stuff from Polaroid was in the analog age.

Check out the segment HERE.

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