Life is a beach; Start working like it!

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By Taryn Maliniak, Intern, R&J Public Relations

Summer is here, and for many of us this means some quality beach time! While the summertime certainly brings fun in the sun, your weekdays still mean business. It is very important, especially for individuals just starting out in their field, to stay focused and continue to thrive in the workplace despite the distraction of beautiful weather. Here’s an idea: as you work with the shore on your mind, take the following beach checklist and try applying it to your work week:

  • Dive right in – When heading into the ocean it’s always best to jump right into the water rather than tiptoe in. While it’s always great to get your toes wet, I encourage you to dive head first into both the ocean and your work. Although it may be much scarier, you will find that the experience is also much more interesting and rewarding.
  • Come prepared – A trip to the beach always requires a packed bag and a plan. When headed to the shore, you always want to make sure you have your chair, towel, music, sunscreen and whatever else you may want. It is also important to know the weather forecast, water conditions and where you are headed for the day. This type of preparation should be taken in all aspects of your life, especially while at work. As you head into your job or a client meeting, it is vital that you always come ready with a plan and everything you may need.
  • Dress appropriately – Although the weather may be very warm, it is important to wear appropriate clothing. With the sun beating down on the shore, you may not be as comfortable covered up with a hat on but it is important to dress appropriately when the sun is so strong. Similarly, at the workplace it is important that you dress appropriately regardless of the weather outside.  Your dress attire is a reflection of your personal professionalism and work ethic, so skip the flip flops.
  • Protect yourself and your company – You have probably seen your fair share of sunburns after a day at the beach and understand the importance of protecting yourself from damaging results. At work, it is also very important to protect yourself in regard to reputation and integrity. Reputation is everything, so be sure to always guard it. Much like applying sunscreen, you want to make sure you are thorough and consistent in your work. You want to be sure to represent yourself and your company to the highest degree.
  • Enjoy your company – You rarely go to the beach with individuals who don’t enjoy all it has to offer, so why do so at work? When you go to the beach you often bring company that will enjoy and enhance the time spent there. At your workplace, I encourage you to do the same. Surround yourself with coworkers who have real passion for their work and a can-do attitude. This positive attitude and effort shared between coworkers will vibrate throughout your workplace, ultimately enhancing your work environment.

By keeping these summer tips in mind and applying them to your work, your summer is sure to be a success, both professionally and personally.

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