It’s That Time of Year Again…

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By Melissa Hoistion, Senior Account Executive, R&J Public Relations

While most people have been furiously preparing for the holidays, anyone who works in the Consumer Electronics Industry knows, that phrase has an entirely different and special meaning.  I am referencing that fact that it’s almost time for the largest international consumer electronics show in the world: The 2013 International CES Show in Las Vegas.

Here at R&J, we have been preparing for this since September, since we will have five clients there, supporting them in one capacity or another.  Three have booths, one is sharing space with a major trade alliance, and two are participating in Pepcom’s “Digital Experience!” event the night before the show opens.   What does this mean?   It means we have a lot to do.

While R&J excels at so many things, our tradeshow support is second to none.   I can say that, because I am part of that outstanding team.  Why is our tradeshow support so awesome?   Mostly because we “get it.’”   We put ourselves in other’s peoples’ tired shoes, and we know what they want.  Whether it is the media, who are overwhelmed with new product announcements and are very short on time, or our clients, who use CES to launch all those new innovative products and need to see results.

While I won’t share all of our secrets, I will outline some of the things we do that make our trade show support so outstanding.  The first is coordination.  There are dozens of moving pieces that need to be put together to provide great tradeshow support, and managing all of those is essential to success.  R&J has been doing this for years and years (I won’t say how many, but it’s more than twenty!), and we know what needs to get done and when it needs to happen.  That is why we start in September.   We outline all the anticipated steps, what we need, when we need it, and sometimes even plan to do if we don’t get it.  In this way we set and then follow the plan.

The second key step is giving the media what they want, when they need and want it.  If you can get the media press releases and information before CES under embargo, you stand a much better chance of getting covered.  Many journalists will write as many things as they can before going to CES.  Walking the show floors is exhausting, and no one has time to actually see it all — especially with all of the after-hours things to do, including press events, dinner parties, etc.   Many times journalists barely get time to cover things at CES.  This is why you need to work the embargoes with media you can trust to honor them.

If you are in the CE industry and are interested in learning more about what makes our tradeshow support second to none.  Give us a call.  We can show you the results we have achieved year after year for clients ranging from divisions of large International conglomerates on down to promising start-ups.   I’m sure you will see how we’ve made this experience pay off for our clients through the years.

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