Integrity House Stands Up for Affordable Care for NJ Residents

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The R&J team worked with The Star Ledger to secure placements both in print and online at for our client Integrity House. President and CEO, Robert J. Budsock was featured for his opinion piece on the current issue of affordable care and Medicaid within New Jersey. Budsock focuses on the devastation that will occur for those seeking drug treatment in New Jersey. He shared his insights on how replacing Obamacare would significantly effect New Jersey residents who are currently struggling with a substance abuse disorder and/or co-occurring mental health disorders.


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Budsock offered his expert opinion on the painfully apparent issues those on the front lines of the opioid and heroin epidemic will be forced to face if a repeal is passed. Budsock further explains that an outright repeal would create significant headwinds, in all aspects of our healthcare system, but especially in mental and behavioral healthcare funding. It is organizations like Integrity House that are committed to helping individuals and families struggling in the current opioid and heroin crisis by providing free outpatient substance abuse treatment programs. Integrity House has also teamed up with Crossroads Medical Center, a powerhouse partnership between three of New Jersey’s leading medical, behavioral health and addictions treatment providers to take over Bergen Regional Medical Center. Crossroads will serve as a comprehensive medical, behavioral health, addictions and “safety net” to the New Jersey residents suffering from substance abuse disorders.

Read the full article by Robert Budsock to learn more here. 

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