Fueling your Social Vehicle

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by April-Chrystal Holmes, Account Coordinator

Mom-and-Pop Shops to multi-national companies are going social to keep up with this generation’s technology and more importantly, build a community around their brand through online networking and marketing.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can mean serious business for your company.  Facebook alone has over 200 million active global users with new users and pages created every day. Over 51% of active Twitter users follow companies or their products on social networks.  And All Fortune 500 companies find value to have a significant presence on LinkedIn.
From these facts alone, it is obvious that there is value in Social Media.  However, like any business plan, you need to first weigh the time and effort against the value your company will acquire from the campaign.  Social media campaigns require plenty of preparation and effort gathering resources to create a valuable page that fans want to visit and interact on.

Here are the basic steps to starting a social media plan:

1. Select your outlets. With so many social media sites out there, it is important to filter through them to find the source that best suits your business.  Even though more than one source might complement your company, concentrate on one to build up with information, daily users, and visuals.  Once that page is established, you can continue to fuel your social media campaign with additional vehicles.
2. Organize and Delegate the work. Don’t become overwhelmed with the amount of work that goes into a successful campaign. Instead, figure out a plan to follow, organize the strategy into different tasks, and let employees know what duties are delegated to them.  Having a short meeting twice a month regarding social media will help your campaign stay on task and keep you informed.
3. Research. Social media is constantly changing and updating, so you need to constantly read articles about how to correctly operate the site and make sure you are fulfilling your plan.  Don’t forget to follow similar companies to see their social media ideas and how they are growing their online community.
With this information you have the tools to go social with your company.  If you still have questions about your business progressing with social media, we’d love to sit down with you to talk about our social media expertise, various media outlets, original ideas, and campaign paths.

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