Don’t Forget Your Anniversary

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By Kyle Kappmeier, Account Director, R&J Public Relations

As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, we, as a nation, are getting ready to celebrate the anniversary of this country’s Declaration of Independence. Now before you get excited, this post is not about recipes for the grill or fireworks, it’s about an often-overlooked media relations tactic that can pay big dividends if leveraged properly.

Anniversary pitching can be quite successful, even more so when commemorating an impressive number such as 25, 50, 75 or even 100 years in business. Being a US headquartered company helps of course, as does a company’s manufacturing products here. Made in America never gets old, well, because, MERICA!

It is important to point out that pitching an anniversary in and of itself is a very self-serving approach, and one that may not get the traction you’d hope with the media.  That’s where the resources and expertise of a seasoned PR agency come into play. With the right tweaks and industry insight, that “anniversary” pitch could easily turn into a game changer for your brand.


  • Being able to hang your hat on a notable milestone in addition to celebrating an anniversary is more fodder to add to a pitch. Don’t overlook anything as even the smallest detail could be worthwhile for your PR agency to bring to media’s attention. This could range from manufacturing (i.e. as we celebrate our 25th year, we’ve also manufactured our 100,000  widget!), to downloads, customers served, etc.

Current and Past Events

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of current developments and trends in the news. Connecting the dots and tying an anniversary in some way to these trends makes a story more palatable for the media. Think of ways to bring topics such as the economy or jobs into the mix and your story will go farther.
  • Know your history – in addition to current events, do some digging.  If 2015 is an anniversary or milestone year, dial the calendar back to 2005 or 1995 to see what was going on then and insert that into the mix if it’s closely related to and can support your story.

What’s the Lineup?

  • Think about how the media reacts to well-known sports figures, celebrities or politicians – different than how they react to the lesser known right? You could get far with your anniversary pitch, but who you have to offer as a spokesperson could easily make or break it. There is no worse feeling than to have a strong anniversary or milestone pitch take a nosedive at the last minute due to an underwhelming spokesperson.  Having access to the C-Suite adds tremendous value in the media’s eyes. Also, don’t overlook employees too – offering them as a resource in addition to an executive could peak interest as it adds a different point-of-view.

The next time you’re looking to plan out the media relations for your brand, make sure that anniversaries or milestones are brought into the mix. They are great angles to help keep your brand top of mind with the media, raise visibility among consumer and constituents, or strengthen a new or existing campaign. They don’t come around that often, so due your diligence and don’t let it fall by the wayside and be an opportunity missed.


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