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PR Week Highlights R&J’s Work on the Polaroid Cube Global Launch Campaign

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When Polaroid debuted the Polaroid Cube at CES 2014, the company turned to R&J to make sure the camera wouldn’t fall by the wayside and simply be dismissed as another “me-too” product. R&J developed a multi-phased, global product launch campaign that helped catapult the Polaroid Cube into the spotlight and secured results that made the launch one of the most successful in the company’s history.

Weaning Your Team Off of the Tradeshow High

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Tradeshows often come with exciting product launches and a rush of activity; however, they’re usually followed by “post-show blues” as you, your team and your client return to the regular pace and daily activity. R&J’s account director, Kyle Kappmeier, gives some tips on how to take the reins and present your agency’s thinking on what steps to take to maintain buzz and build momentum.

NJFSAB dangers of lightweight construction

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R&J and their client the New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NJFSAB) help educate the public and legislators to the dangers of ultra-flammable lightweight construction and the need for more comprehensive fire sprinkler systems.