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It’s That Time of Year Again…

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By Melissa Hoistion
While most people have been furiously preparing for the holidays, anyone who works in the Consumer Electronics Industry knows, that phrase has an entirely different and special meaning. I am referencing that fact that it’s almost time for the largest international consumer electronics show in the world: The 2013 International CES Show in Las Vegas. –Click headline for full article.

R&J Public Relations Named Agency of Record for Venture Development Center, Inc.

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Venture Development Center, Inc. (VDC), a global pioneer in effectively using Big Data in innovative ways to help companies make better business decisions, has selected R&J Public Relations LLC, of Bridgewater, N.J., as its public relations agency of record.

Polaroid’s 4.3” Tablet appears on ABC World News Now

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R&J secured a timely, high-profile placement for Polaroid’s new 4.3” Tablet on an ABC World News Now segment entitled “Inexpensive Tech Stocking Stuffers during peak holiday buying season.

Polaroid Selects R&J Public Relations As Agency of Record

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R&J Public Relations LLC, of Bridgewater, N.J., is pleased to announce that they will be the public relations agency of record for the Polaroid brand in North America.

You’re Making a List, But Are You Checking It Twice?

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Happy Holiday’s to You and Yore! That was the greeting donning the very first Christmas card my husband and I received this year, and call me Scrooge, but I almost threw it out. I honestly would have, had I not been fairly certain that such a Grinch-like action would have landed me on the wrong side of Santa’s list, and surely invited all kinds of ghosts from Christmases past, present and future to haunt my decked-out doorstep. — Click headline for full article.

The Power of Mom Blogs

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By Dan Capawana
Much has been written about “mom bloggers” and their influence. A mom blogger is considered someone who has at least one child in her home, and manages her own website or frequently contributes to other blogs. Mom blogs originated as a way for new mothers to speak with other moms about children, parenting and related issues, but has grown into a phenomenon, and has become lucrative for those with the largest power and reach. — Click headline for full article.

R&J Takes Home the Gold

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R&J took home gold at this year’s Jasper Awards for its media relations campaign for the Girl Scout Councils of New Jersey’s 100th Anniversary project.