R&J Public Relations Named Agency of Record for BITS Limited

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R&J Public Relations Named Agency of Record for BITS Limited

 BITS Limited, a leading manufacturer of green surge protectors, has selected R&J Public Relations as its public relations agency of record.  R&J will conduct a proactive public relations, media relations, social media and publicity campaign for BITS Limited’s entire line of eco-friendly surge protectors.


BITS Limited, based in Northport, NY, manufacturers energy saving surge protectors including The Smart Strip Surge Protector, the wireless Charging Station, and their new technology, the True Surge PowerSquid.  These surge protectors save energy by eliminating the “vampire power” draw of devices that continue to use electricity even though they are powered off.  With their wide variety of models, BITS Limited focuses on designing products that limit wasteful energy and help their customers save money, while also protecting the environment.


BITS Limited has revolutionized the energy saving surge protector market with their ability to reduce electrical costs for consumers and greatly decrease the amount of energy used in households and offices,” said John Lonsdorf, President of R&J Public Relations. “R&J’s relationships and experience in the consumer electronics market will allow us to increase awareness of and demand for BITS Limited’s green technology products among all consumer markets.”


“As more companies continue to enter the ‘green’ market, it is essential for us to continue to increase our brand awareness through extensive public relations and social media campaigns, highlighting our strong desire to help our customers with affordability and measurable energy savings,” said Russell Barton, President and Co-founder of BITS Limited. “R&J’s previous industry and client experience and their expertise in traditional media and social media will help us achieve our desired growth and productivity goals.”



About BITS Limited

BITS Limited is the leading manufacturer of energy saving surge protectors that are ideal for use with all of today’s advanced electronic devices.  Known for creating environmentally friendly power solutions and a more sustainable future, BITS products are the safest surge protectors on the market while also markedly reducing electric consumption and helping devices achieve their optimal performance levels.   BITS is a family owned and operated business founded in 2002, and has grown dramatically as the co-owners and brothers, Bruce and Russell Barton continue to revolutionize the surge protector market, designing safer and more efficient energy saving devices.  BITS Limited is headquartered in Northport, NY, and maintains a warehouse and distribution center in Largo, Fl.  For more information on BITS Limited, please visit www.bitsltd.net, or on Facebook: “SmartStrip” and on Twitter: @Bitsltd.

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